Monday, January 26, 2015

Tips for an up and coming Necromancer? (Ding 100)

Just opened an email from a new necromancer!

"So,I was wondering, I just started a new Necromancer named Valdus Silverdust

I was wondering,Any tips as I move along?"

Hey Valdus,

Honestly, since the time I first started leveling Thomas, it's been over six years . . . and . . . I just hit 100 last night! WOOT!

During the first part of my journey to level 100, I spent the majority of my time at level cap as they happened.

  • When I dinged level 43 in 2008, I had finished the story content in MooShu and was waiting for Dragonspyre to come out.
  • I dinged 50 less than a month after Dragonspyre was released.
  • Level 60 happened in November 2010 after that long wait for Celestia to be released.
  • Thomas dinged level 70 in December 2011.
  • Level 80 for Thomas happened in July 2012. This is when things started to shift for me. Instead of finishing Avalon right after it was released, it took me a few months to get through it . . . That's because Pirate101 had just been revealed and my life was turned upside down as I took a job at KingsIsle.
  • Level 90 and Azteca was wrapped up by Thomas in May 2013.
  • . . . and as I said, I *finally* just dinged level 100 last night! Woot!

Reading back through that, it appears the best tips I could give are patience and make friends! Life as a necromancer can be a bit daunting when you solo, and nothing makes Wizard101 more fun (nor easier) than when you play with another person.

1-50 is a breeze. You won't find much trouble soloing anything outside of Malistaire and a few key dungeons here and there. Standard tips apply here: Start your deck light with as few spells as possible so Wizard101 doesn't become a "discard" game trying to find that perfect card -- instead, carry only what you need. Load your treasure cards up smartly with the perfect defensive or utility spell for when you need it. Look at the mob you face before you blindly run in and see what class it is, chances are this will guide which shield you should load into your deck (although most 1-50 fights don't require heavy shielding). If you're soloing, your drain spells are your best bet -- they'll heal you to max and prepare you for the next fight. Learn to cast a death shield on yourself and empower or sacrifice off of it.

Level 50-60 is a gear check. You should start going to the Bazaar every few levels and see what's available for you. You'll most likely start seeing why shields, universal resist, and crit block are so valuable here.

Level 70, take some time out to do waterworks. It's not needed, but most of us at level cap did this, and I would bet Avalon was designed thinking everyone was wearing Waterworks gear and using Sun Magic, so . . . using waterworks gear and using Sun Magic would be a good idea. ;) It's not 100 percent needed, but those universal resists sure help.

Level 80+ -- Find a partner if possible and take a support role to them. You'll discover you're quite handy in a group. Debuffs, blades, sacrifices . . . you've got quite a bit of support power. Spend time getting a good pet to help you with resists and healing. Anyone can fill any role in Wizard101 (tank, dps, support) with the right combination of gear and cards -- just some do it much better. Pick a role and be the best you can be at it.

**READERS! If you have any great tips, please share them in the comments!**

So . . . best of luck, Valdus! Thanks for reading and for your question. Hope to see you at the gates of Darkmoor soon!

Happy Dueling

Sunday, January 18, 2015

KI Live 15 January 2015

Our Fifth Livecast! I can hardly believe it!

It was a lot of fun running through the BOXES event with Leala on KI Live this month:

. . . Decius stole the show . . .

Happy Dueling!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 2014 KILive!

Gotta love that Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Happy Dueling!

Friday, November 21, 2014

November 2014 KI Live!

Leala, Julia, and I had a great time broadcasting yesterday! Thanks everyone who attended!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Harvest Hannah!!! (oh yeah, and new dungeons)

You know her . . . you love her . . . Ladies and Gentleman . . .


Girl gonna sell you some turkey hats!

In somewhat less exciting news ;p four new dungeons and a whole bunch of new features. Enjoy and read all about it in the Update Notes!!!

. . . I gotta get to level 100!!!

Happy Dueling

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Out of the Shadows -- Shadow Magic!


Things have been pretty quiet around here at TFN. I've been here though, just lurking in the shadows -- it's kind of what necromancers do. ;)

I've been sitting at level 94-95 in Wizard101 for what feels like a year. (Hold that thought *goes to check on how long it's been since writing about leveling in Wizard101*) Looks like the last I wrote about Thomas Lionblood dinging 93 in Wizard101 was back in June. WOW! Time flies.

I just wanted to let you know I was here and playing lately. In fact, I just dinged 96 this morning and got my hands on some new shadow magic.

Yup, just four more levels to go!

So, enough about me, let's talk KingsIsle! Everything you want to know about the upcoming updates to the game can be found here on the Test Realm notes page.

In a nutshell, you've got four new dungeons coming out, equipment sets, member benefits, combat idle, a ton of fixes and improvements and . . . the main reason I want to get to level 100 . . . Shadow-enhanced spells!

WOOT! (Special thanks to Leala for filming that spells video.)

As long as I'm sharing videos, you should also know there were two new bundles that hit the scene in Walmart and GameStop.

First up, the Mystic Fishing Bundle

Next, the Evergreen Bundle:

The Bundle videos were written, filmed and produced by yours truly. Big hand goes to Damon, our Video Guru for piecing it all together and putting on the polish, and also to TJ for getting the perfect voice over artists for the job.

Of course, the real applause needs to go to the staff that creates these awesome items, houses, pets, and all that.  The Wizard101 team did a really great job on all those, don't you think?

Anyway, every day there's something new going on at KingsIsle and we have a lot of fun stuff in the works for the fans.  December is ALWAYS a cool (as in frosty cold and awesome) month for our games.

I'll be slipping back into the shadows now. :)

I'll let you know if I ding again and get those Shadow-enhanced spells once they make their way to the live game.  That Castle Darkmoor looks tough and fun!!

Happy Dueling.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What the heck is going on?! A Friendly Rambling . . .


It's been a while since I've written here on this wonderful blog, and I thought I'd just catch you all up on the life and times of The Friendly Necromancer while taking a look at what's going on in Wizard101 as well . . . STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS STYLE!  Rambling is the best, and I'm in kind of a rambling mood . . . so read on fellow rambling people!

Cool? Cool.

So, Wizard101.  You all know that game, right? Of course you do. You're a big time fan and all that jazz. This also means that you know all about the limited-time Five B.O.X.E.S. event that's going on. It's super hip right now.

We've been reading about all your thoughts at KingsIsle. We've seen your posts on Central. We've seen your tweets and your mind dumps on Facebook. We've got emails. BLOGPOSTS! We've seen your posts on our Message Boards, and we've even heard you talking about it in game.


You know what was fun for us? Preparing for it to launch and kicking it off in game!  That was great! Leala and I prepared and schemed and thought about how it would be received in the Community, and y'all didn't disappoint us. :)

You know what else? Hallowe'en or Halloweenfest or whateveryouwanttocallitthistime . . . is also underway!  There are these new fish you can catch. YEAH. First time you've seen that at Halloween time, right?  You know it is!! . . . And all the standards are back too . . . Nosferabbit and the towers and all that . . . .


You know what else else? We've got a new friend working with us at KingsIsle . . . a brand new employee!


We'll have to save introductions for later, but you might have seen that "Social Media Coordinator" position that was on our job listings suddenly disappear from the list.  That's our new friend. :)

Yup Yup!

Do you know what new friends mean?  New newbie characters that you can play with your new friends.  To those ends, I'd love to introduce you all to Fred Trollfinder.

He's finding Trolls.  That's what Community Managers do. :) (Beware impersonators . . . if you see a Fred Trollfinder in game and think it's me, ask to see the KingsIsle Support badge.) I'm Level 7 and saving Firecat Alley yo.


I'll have to do another mind ramble like this for Pirate101 a little later. For now, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking and doing well. There's always TONS going on in the back channels of KingsIsle, and it doesn't always allow for me to speak as freely as I'd like to about upcoming features, but I really do hope you're all enjoying The Spiral lately and loving all things KingsIsle.

In the infamous words of Howard Jones, Things can only get better.

Happy dueling!